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Papier Mache'

*To create a papier mache' item; first start with a mold, form or skeleton. Balloons, wire frames, pipe cleaners and cardboard all make excellent frames.

*Bowls can be molded by first covering the inside of the bowl with liquid soap or vaseline then applying one by 4-5 inch strips. The smaller the bowl, the shorter the strips. Also there should be10-12 layers for a bowl. Wait for bowl to dry (length of time depends of number of layers). Remove from mold and trim edge. Finish off the rim with two layer of very short strips over the edge.

*Also note that facial tissue is good for adding features to an item. Dip tissue in paste and adhere to item, then cover with mixture-soaked strips.

Papier Mache' I

3/4 cup flour
6 cups of water divided in two
4-1/2 tablespoons sugar

(This recipie should be prepared only by an adult-boiling water can be dangerous.)
Heat half of water (3 cups) in a medium/large saucepan to boil . Mix flour and other half of water (3 cups) in a medium bowl. Carefully add flour mixture to water in pan and stir gently. Bring to boil again. Remove from heat and add the sugar. Let cool. Once cooled and thickened it is ready to use.

Papier Mache' II

Wallpaper Paste

Mix wallpaper paste and water until it resembles a thin pudding. Add a little salt to keep it from spoiling. Tear newspaper into one by five inch strips. Dip into paste solution. Run first two fingers alongside both sides of strips to get rid of excess solution and apply to object.

Papier Mache' III
1/3 cup White Glue
1/3 cup Water

Mix glue and water. Tear newspaper into one by five inch strips. Brush the glue on, then put a paper strip. Smooth strip with fingers. Continue on laying down 3-4 layers of strips. Let dry for 2-3 days.

Papier Mache' IV
Liquid Starch

Use undiluted liquid starch with tissue paper for a unique transparent quality.

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