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Sand Paintings

You Need:
  • Colored sand (various colors)
  • White glue
  • Paint brush (old one)
  • Paper (as thick as possible to prevent warping)
  • Pencil


Make sure to cover work surface completely. Lightly sketch design onto paper. Make design fairly simple with large areas of color. Stay away from tiny details.

Place your drawing on top of another clean piece of paper that you have folded in half and then opened again. This will aid you in not only in catching the extra sand but then in pouring in back in the original container.

Pour some glue into a disposable container (paper cups work well). Thin glue with a few drops of water to the consistency of paint.

"Paint" glue onto areas of picture. (Paint only the areas that will be the same color until all areas of that color are complete. ) Sprinkle or pour sand over the fresh glue and then tip the paper to get rid of the excess sand. "Paint" more glue and sprinkle more sand until all areas of the selected color are completed. Extra sand can be carefully poured back into the original jar. Then move on to each different color completing all areas of one color before moving on to the next. Let dry.

To outline areas, run a thin bead of glue right out of the glue bottle to outline area, sprinkle desired color of sand, let set a few seconds and gently tip page to get rid of excess sand. If bead of glue moves when you tip the picture it can be pushed back into place gently with a toothpick. More touchup work and be done to the edges of your outlines when the glue begins to dry but is still a little pliable. The outlines add depth and texture to your pictures for just the right finishing touch and can also be used to cover imperfections.

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