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Yarn Art

You Need:
  • Scraps of yarn
  • 2 Straight sticks (both the same length)
  • Scissors
  • Sandpaper

This project is quick, easy and inexpensive. Long sticks make a large design, short sticks make a small design. Use many colors of yarn or just a few; be creative.


Select two sticks that are fairly straight and about the same length (or trim to length). Sand ends of sticks to reduce and sharpness. Lay one stick crosswise over the other. Begin to wrap first color of yarn around one way then the other and make a knot. Let yarn hang down from knot; do not trim. See illustration A.

Turn sticks over so that knot is in the back. Begin to wrap yarn. Bring yarn from behind stick and wrap it around the first stick and over to the next stick (B).

Then continuing wrap it around next stick front to back and back around to next stick (C). Same on the next stick (D) and the next (E). Just keep wrapping the yarn and soon a pattern will appear.


To change color of yarn, give an extra wrap of yarn to the stick where you want to change colors and tie the new color to the old securely, making sure knot is in back of design, not front. Change colors as often as you wish or not at all. Multicolor yarns make interesting designs too. To finish off design, double knot yarn to stick you want to end at and trim.

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