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 Sugar Cone Christmas Trees

You Need:
      • Sugar Cones
      • Chocolate chips, white chocolate chips or candy melts
      • Assorted candies for decorating* (especially gumdrops for the top)
      • Waxed Paper

Get all ingredients out. Spread out sheets of waxed paper to work on. Microwave chocolate or candy melts in shallow bowl just till starts to melt, stir till smooth.

Roll cone in chocolate with two fingers inside cone (if possible) to hold. Lift cone out with two fingers inside cone. Place a gumdrop on top and press gently . Gumdrop should make it easier to stand cone up on waxed paper. Decorate with assorted candies.

Let decorated "trees" stand until chocolate hardens. Store sealed in cool place.

Note: White chocolate seems to harden much faster than regular chocolate, so decorate the white "trees" right away and let the regular chocolate ones set up a minute before decorating.

M&M's large and mini sizes, gumdrops, marshmallows, cinnamon decors, silver ball decors, sprinkles, colored sugars, decorator icing (see below).

Decorator Icing: Mix confectioners sugar with just enough milk (just the tiniest bit) and food color to make a thick icing. It should be thick, but still able to pipe through a decorator's tip. Too thick: add more milk (a little at a time). Too thin: add more confectioners sugar. Pipe either with a decorators bag and tips or put in the corner of a freezer bag* & twist shut; snip off tiniest bit of corner and squeeze bag gently to pipe frosting out.

* Make sure freezer bag has nice square corners and not pleated ones.

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