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Holiday Gift Ideas

Below are some sample gift ideas. Follow our themes and expand on them. Line your box or basket with pretty papers. Wrap baskets and overflowing boxes with colored cellophane wrap. Decorate with holiday ribbons and bows and personalize with a Glitter and Felt Gift Tag.

Santa Candy Jar
This Santa Candy Jar makes a great gift for a teacher, parent or special friend.

Treats Basket
A yummy gift for your favorite sweet tooth! Fill basket with holiday treats protected with plastic wrap (clear or in holiday colors). Some filling suggestions include: Sugar ConeTrees, Santa Candy Jar, Peanut Butter Cups, Mexican Wedding Cookies, and other assorted holiday goodies.

Holiday Cards
Handmade Holiday Cards can be a lot more thoughtful, personal and economical than the store bought kind!

Arts & Crafts Basket
Fill basket with assorted homemade arts & crafts supplies. Some filling suggestions include: Bubbles, Chalk, Gooey Stuff, Paint, Play Clay and Colored Sand. Include some paint brushes, a small rolling pin, cookie cutters, bubble wands, etc. Include recipes so they can make their own too!

Decoration Assortment
A great gift idea for someone's first tree! Fill basket or box with an assortment of Christmas decorations and ornaments. Include a good selection of your own personally made Dough Ornaments and Felt Ornaments. Top with a pretty Paper Angel.

Gingerbread House Kit
A yummy craft kit to delight children of all ages. Include all ingredients and instructions listed for Graham Cracker Gingerbread Houses. Make sure to include extra of everything!!

Other Holiday Season Free Stuff

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